Since 2012, the Canadian Visual Analytics School (CANVAS) brings together, every summer, students, researchers, faculty and industry to advance the science and technology of Visual Analytics in Canada.

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The first three days of CANVAS 2014 featured keynote presentations from leading researchers in the field of visual analytics. Confirmed keynote speakers for CANVAS 2014 included John Stasko (Georgia Tech) and Leland Wilkinson (University of Illinois at Chicago). Other speakers included Canadian researchers Sheelagh Carpendale (U Calgary), Chris Collins (UOIT), Sara Diamond (OCAD U) and Ronald Rensink (UBC).

The final two days of CANVAS 2014 focused on industrial applications of visual analytics. This segment will feature leading practitioners and domain experts who will outline how they make visual analytics work for their organizations. This industry segment will also feature presentations about visual analytics tools and their development, by leading providers of VA solutions.

Students were at the heart of this event, which is a way for them to get in touch with both the research they can get involved with today, and the organizations that will employ them tomorrow. All through the week, 24 students took part in an intense series of hands-on workshop and exercises honing their Visual Analytics skills and knowledge.

CANVAS has a Canadian focus, with students from across Canada participating, and also opens up to the rest of the world. Students from Brazil involved in the BRAVA initiative also took part in this event, making CANVAS 2014 an international event.